Outillage de pressesd’emboutissages et mécanique générale

Z.I. des Perrouins - 53100 MAYENNE

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Press tools

Since 1978,your confidence is our passion


Present since 1987, MERIEN is a general mechanical and precision firm.
It carries out the design and manufacture of press tools and is present on the national and internation market since 1988.

Specialist in :

The general mechanical and mechanical of precision, the study and design of press tools 2800*1400, the production of prototype parts, the production of small series, and finally the study and design of special machines.

Since 2009, CVM is capable to respond to more complete offers thanks to its subsidiary made with SETAP, an automation and industrial equipment firm.

Like the compagny SETAP, CVM has established a labor policy with its customers which is to communicate permanently between the two parts for a constant following.

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